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Custom Gaskets, Diaphragms and Washers for:
Calibrated Steam Traps, Systems & Repair Kits - Cage Units
Steam Trap Parts Manufacturers & Distributors


The I.G. Marston Co., Inc. is a USA manufacturing company located outside of Boston producing non-metallic gaskets, discs, spacers, seals, diaphragms, insulators and washers for a variety of sealing applications and industries. The Steam Traps in both residential and commercial heating systems rely on custom manufactured gaskets, washers and diaphragms in all traps produced by the many different heating system manufacturers. Whether you have Float & Thermostatic Steam Traps, Bucket Traps, Kent Traps and Condensator systems in a new or old heating system, you need a valued supplier for custom manufactured repair parts/Cage Units (calibrated repair kits). We have a growing customer base of steam heating system clients sending us their drawings or samples for prompt quotations and production of washers, gaskets, diaphragms etc.

Through modern manufacturing methods, equipment (Die cut, Stamping and CAD/CAM machinery) and tooling, we are able to produce several gaskets, diaphragms, discs and washers, or thousands depending on one’s requirements. A variety of popular materials are maintained on hand for quick turnaround times. Materials include but are not limited to: Klinger® C4401, Graphite 7075, Synthesea S8091 and Nitrile/Nylon.