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The I.G. Marston Co., Inc. is a USA manufacturing company located outside of Boston producing non-metallic gaskets, discs, spacers, seals, diaphragms, insulators and washers for a variety of sealing applications and industries.

TOP 10 Reasons to Use Plastic!

1) Wear Resistance

In high-wear applications, many plastic materials will outperform brass & other metal bearing materials. Plastics such as Nylon, UHMW, PTFE, and Acetal offer natural lubricity to increase wear resistance and extend the part life of bearings, rollers, gears, and seals.

2) Lightweight

When replacing metal parts, plastics will typically reduce the part weight by 30% to 50%.This can translate to significant energy savings when used in applications such as transportation, linear motion, and material handling.

3) Temperature Resistance

Plastics, ceramics, and composites have been developed which resist both extremely high & extremely low cryogenic temperature ranges with minimal loss of mechanical properties.

4) Impact Resistance

Many plastics and composites offer excellent impact resistance. Materials such as Polycarbonate are used for impact-resistant glazing and shields. Nylon and Polyurethane will absorb impact shock and isolate stress points to protect surrounding components.

5) Insulation Properties

Many plastics have excellent insulation properties, reducing heat, and improving product reliability. Laminates such as G-10/FR-4, GPO-3 and LE Phenolic are used extensively in electrical and transportation industries to insulate from heat and electrical shock. Thermoplastics such as PTFE work well in high-temperature insulating applications. 

6) Corrosion Resistance

Metals are inherently susceptible to corrosion from moisture, acids, and organic solvents. Many plastics were designed specifically to combat these problems. Materials such as PVC, CPVC, Polypropylene, and PTFE offer superior corrosion resistance at an economical price.

7) Medical Approval

We offer a full-range of plastics that have been approved for use in medical applications ranging from heart pump valves to endoscopic instruments. Products are offered to meet FDA, USP Class VI, and ISO 10993 standards. Stock materials include Radel®, PEEK, Ultem®, and Polycarbonate.

8) Fire Safe

Several plastics are available in fire-safe and fire retardant grades, such as FM 4910. These products have reduced the cost of previously necessary fire-suppression systems, and in some cases, reduced insurance costs in high-liability applications. FR materials include: KYDEX®, Halar®, CP7-D, FRPP, Corzan® CPVC, and Kynar® 740 PVDF.

9) High Purity

Plastics have long been a crucial product used in the manufacturing of high-purity fluid & gas handling applications. Many plastics have eliminated the concerns of out-gassing, leaching, and other contamination in crucial high-purity systems. We offer materials such as: PTFE, PFA, FEP, Halar® and Kynar® PVDF.

10) Lower Cost

This one we all like to hear! Not only do non-metallic washers have all of the above advantages, but they typically cost far less than their metal counterparts.