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Custom Stampings

Custom stampings

IG Marston Co. is an ISO 9001:2000 Non-Metallic custom stamping company fabricating stampings/parts from a large list of materials including: Nylon 6/12, 6/6, and MDS, Acetal, Nylatron GS®, Polyethylene in HDPE and LDPE, UHMW, Canvas Phenolic, Linen Phenolic, Mylar®, Vellumoid®, Vulcanized Fibre, Fishpaper, Kapton®, Klinger®, Nomex®, Duroid®, Epoxy Glass, Viton®, Lexan®, and Garlock®. We can produce your special custom stampings upon reviewing an RFQ with your drawings regarding the dimensions, special requirements and material specification.

  • All stampings/parts are manufactured on a custom order basis.
  • Tooling charges when applicable are included in our quotations.
  • We offer to manufacture your custom bending and marking needs where required.
  • PSA provided on parts where applicable.
  • Request quotations for special applications and materials not listed!
  • Special packaging for custom stamping/parts are available when requested.

To learn more about Custom Stampings/Parts and obtain a free sample or request a formal quotation, please complete our online form hereand contact us today by calling (800)783-1397.