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IG Marston Can Package Your Product

IG Marston Co. can package/bag your product automatically after it is produced

saving you time and money. We also provide you with this fast service at
competitive prices as we do with our rubber and plastic components.

  • Packed in plastic bags in quantities of your choice
  • Saves you time, money and shipping costs
  • Custom imprints of labels on plastic bags
  • Fast service as we will meet your needs
  • Adds to your distribution process with increased efficiency
  • If you purchase in bulk, we can re-package
  • We use different size plastic bags depending on your needs

For more information on IG Marston packaging -
Call: 800-783-1397 or Email: sales@igmarston.com

If you are already using these items but could use a new source, consider the

IG Marston Co. and why we’ve been successful for over 150 years!

We welcome your requests for quotation sales@igmarston.com