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Piping is just one niche in which non-metallic material selection is critical. Whether it’s a civil piping or infrastructure project, a medical device in development, or an aerospace application, materials matter for safety, performance, wear, and cost.

Not only do we help clients select the best material for a particular project, we can also provide very fast turn-around, particularly in the Greater Boston area and throughout MA. When it comes to non-metallic washers, gaskets, and other components, our experience is unparalleled – we’ve been at it since 1844. While other washer and gasket companies are larger, we provide excellent attention to detail and customer service to companies of all sizes in a wide variety of industries. Many of our clients are interested in custom or small runs because they are involved in product development or prototyping.

Whatever your non-metallic washer or gasket needs, we urge you to contact us before placing your next order. Customer loyalty that spans more than a century is hard to find. Contact I. G. Marston to find out why our customer relationships last so long.

Article Excerpt:

Nonmetallic gaskets are normally used in low temperature and pressure applications. Usually composite sheet materials are used with flat face flanges and low pressure class applications. Materials of Construction Gaskets are made of resilient or pliable materials. Metal or nonmetal composites may be...

How do you classify discarded materials? 

I. G. Marston Co., Inc.'s Insight

PLM is important! How do you manage your product life cycle? Need to know more about non-metallic washer, fastener, and gasket materials you can use in your products? Or new materials that might be better for your PLM process? Contact us. 

Article Excerpt:

p>Manufacturers are about to get some help classifying discarded materials from their factories and facilities. A new ASTM standard will help meet an important need for companies that value corporate responsibility and the environment.

Report: 5 challenges and solutions to technology adoption in construction

I. G. Marston Co., Inc.'s Insight

Good reading – broad recommendations but applicable to many industries. What’s your takeaway? 

Article Excerpt:

Construction industry news, trends and jobs for building professionals who want mobile-friendly content.

Lightweighting with Lattices

I. G. Marston Co., Inc.'s Insight

Lattice and composite structures have been used widely in aerospace applications for more than a decade, and are becoming more common in many other industries and manufacturing segments. A complete and reliable assembly, of course, relies on compatibility of all its components. If you are looking for washers, fasteners, gaskets, or other components made of fibre or hard-to-find materials, contact us. We can help by suggesting different materials, or perhaps a small run of a custom item for new assemblies or prototypes. 

Article Excerpt:

Instead of building components as a solid, building them as a network of unit cells may improve material utilization and performance.

Tackling counterfeit with ISO and IEC standards

I. G. Marston Co., Inc.'s Insight

ISO certification may mean more to your products (and your customers) than most people think. 

Article Excerpt:

The effects of counterfeit touch all of us. IEC and ISO have dedicated committees working on standards and solutions to help combat counterfeit and provide increased confidence to consumers.

Still Growing After All These Years

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Update: this position has been filled. Thank you to all who submitted resumes and letters of interest. 

We’re Hiring in Holbrook!

I. G. Marston is seeking an experienced Sales and Purchasing Agent. This is a Full-time position; benefits are available. There’s never a dull moment in this cheerful, team-oriented office. Do you know someone who would excel in a small, family-owned business, working on a variety of duties, working with office, operations and production staff, with frequent contact with customers, vendors, and suppliers? Please share the job description below with qualified individuals. Qualified candidates please fax resumes to 781-767-1519. Thank you.


Education/Experience: High School Diploma or equivalent. Prior experience in Sales and Purchasing preferable. Prior experience in manufacturing environment also a plus.Skills: Interpersonal Skills, Oral Communication Skills, Written Communication Skills, Computer Literacy, Keyboard Skills, Customer Service, Professionalism, Math Aptitude, Negotiations, Organization, Project Management, Time ManagementDuties/Responsibilities:Purchasing: provides uninterrupted flow of materials, supplies and services required by the company to operate on a daily basis and meet customer shipping schedules, reviews customer specifications and company needs to ascertain quantity and types of material needed to obtain quality results, negotiate acceptable prices and terms with vendors regarding price and delivery of materials in the best interest of the company and customers. Establishes and implements vendor ratings systems.

Sales: Quotes prices and credit terms and reviews sales contracts for orders obtained. Estimates date of delivery to customer, based on knowledge of own firm’s production and delivery schedules. Develops and maintains relationships with purchasing contacts. Processing customer orders, reviewing backlog, communicating with customers. Compiles lists of prospective customers for use as sales leads. Provides support to outside sales reps.

Inventory Control: Maintain adequate inventory levels by monitoring and replenishing as necessary.

Customer Service: working with customers to answer questions, investigate and resolve customer issues.

Performs other related duties as assigned.

Access to Administrative Assistant to help with above tasks.

How to Apply

Because some of our customers and suppliers use fax machines (yes! in 2018!) we are asking qualified candidates to apply via fax at 781-767-1519. Interested? Have what it takes? We look forward to hearing from you.

Robotic Vision for Small Shops

I. G. Marston Co., Inc.'s Insight

We like stories about how small companies satisfy their clients’ variable production needs and short delivery dates. In fact, those are the types of challenges we enjoy meeting ourselves! 

Article Excerpt:

Walt Machine Inc. used a cobot with a wrist camera and a gripper to meet a short-term rise in production volume by enabling lights-out production and reassignment of current staff.

Robot Helps Doctors Perform Delicate Microsurgeries

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It’s much more exciting to read about life-changing applications like this than it is to read about washers, gaskets, and fasteners. But hidden inside each amazing device like this are boring but hard-working, dependable and very precisely-made components. Many of them made in the USA, including right here in Holbrook MA. File under, #WhyWeDoWhatWeDo 

Article Excerpt:

A new robot helps surgeons suppress tremors during reconstructive microsurgeries and allows more of them to perform those delicate tasks.

SpaceX May Not Win the Race to Launch Astronauts After All

I. G. Marston Co., Inc.'s Insight

We’ve been watching, and working with, several aerospace companies. While we can’t answer the ‘who’ll be first’ question, we are looking forward to finding out! 

Article Excerpt:

Who’ll be the first to take American astronauts to the International Space Station? That question is harder to answer today.

The newest American Girl doll — an astronaut on a mission to get girls into STEM — hits stores today

I. G. Marston Co., Inc.'s Insight

Playing with dolls. It’s not rocket science, but it might inspire kids to see themselves in STEM careers. 

Article Excerpt:

Plus other toys that can help your kids get into science, math and engineering