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Non Metallic Washers, Gaskets and Components

Since 1844, IG Marston Co. has been a leading manufacturer of non-metallic stamped components serving many different industries with a variety of products. We have multiple methods of producing high quality non-metallic components at a rapid pace, that are affordable. Our state-of-the-art facility in Holbrook,MA, incorporates a vast array of different materials, and provides us with the ability to fabricate or acquire tooling to meet customer demands.

Markets of Non-Metallic Components

Non-metallic components like washers, custom gaskets, insulators, discs and more are suitable in many applications. Each particular material has unique characteristics, which make them suitable in various situations. Nylon, fibre, felt, acetal, phenolic, polyethylene, rubber, cork, sponge, mylar and many others, have been applied in numerous areas, benefiting countless industries. These include automotive, plumbing, defense, consumer products, appliance, aircraft, medical, electrical, marine, construction, furniture and many other market segments.

If you are interested in learning more about our non-metallic components, please contact us by calling (800)783-1397.

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