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Blanket Purchase Orders for Custom and Stock Washers and Components

Blanket Purchase Orders for Non Metallic Washers, Gaskets and Components

custom non-metallic washers

Keep production lines moving with blanket orders for custom washers, gaskets and other components.

We understand that managing inventory while maintaining production schedules is an ongoing juggling act. Some of our customers find that having a blanket purchase order with I. G. Marston helps everything run more smoothly.

When you agree to purchase a set quantity of a certain component (or components) during a specified quarter or year, you can minimize your inventory exposure and reduce production schedule headaches. We are happy to create blanket purchase orders for stock and custom parts, for new and existing customers.

Contact us before you need to restock!

  • Save time and paperwork for your purchasing department
  • Reduce demands on stocking and inventory personnel
  • Improve your ability to meet cyclical or seasonal production peaks
  • Custom sizes and components, no problem – learn more about our CNC knife cutting capabilities

Submit the form below to begin, or call us with your questions. We look forward to working with you!

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