Products - I. G. Marston Co., Inc.


Custom-manufactured, Precision Non-metallic Flexible Washers, Gaskets and other Components

From I. G. Marston, since 1844

Customer satisfaction RoHS-REACh symbolis always our primary goal.  We take pride in the quality of our products, and in our Statistical Process Control (SPC) System which unfailingly monitors our production output, ensuring that the first piece and the last piece of each run are both of first-rate quality. The I. G. Marston quality system is ISO 9001 certified, and all our production personnel are trained to follow strict quality procedures. Most of our products are RoHS and REACh compliant.

We welcome requests for quotation, as we can make tooling to accommodate your needs. We source responsibly, using the best available materials, the majority of which are made in the USA.

Our products include:

Call us at (800) 783-1397 or request a quote to get the quality components you need.

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