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Washers and Gaskets for Automotive, Medical, Food, Aerospace, Military, and Electrical Industries

IG Marston’s custom, non-metallic components – washers, custom gaskets, insulators, and discs – can be found in the products of many industries, including automotive, medical and food, aerospace and military, and electrical devices and gauges. These components are highly desirable, as they are impact- and temperature-resistant, wear resistant, lightweight, and able to hold tight tolerances.

We work with virtually any non-metallic material, including nylon, fibre, felt, acetal, phenolic, polyethylene, rubber, cork, sponge, and Mylar, depending on the project requirements and specifications. Our engineers will review the specifications, produce prototypes upon request, and manufacture the most appropriate product for the job.

Quality Standards

sensor for automotive applicationWe take pride in the quality of our products, and in our Statistical Process Control (SPC) System, which unfailingly monitors our production output, ensures that the first piece and the last piece of each run are both of first-rate quality. The I. G. Marston quality system is ISO 9001 certified, and all our production personnel are trained to follow strict quality procedures.

Because we work with the automotive industry, we have Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) capabilities, which further demonstrate the quality and reliability of our design and production processes.

Washers and Gaskets for the Automotive Industry

The use of plastics and other non-metallic components in automobiles has continued to grow in recent years, primarily because lightweight parts increase fuel efficiency. In addition, plastic parts are durable, resistant to chemicals, and tolerant to high temperatures.

IG Marston supplies both gaskets and washers for the automotive industry. Gaskets, typically used in fuel pumps and as diaphragms, are made of materials that are oil and fuel resistant with a high temperature rating. Washers are used in multiple ways, from bolting down seats in cars to being integrated into the fuel connector.

Washers and Gaskets for the Medical and Food Industries

Safety and sanitation are two key reasons the medical and food industries look to include plastic and other non-metallic components in their manufacturing processes. Plastics and some other materials can be chemical and heat resistant, as well as sanitized and lightweight.

IG Marston supplies non-metallic washers and gaskets to both the medical and food industries, using FDA grade material when required to ensure safety and sanitation. Two of the most popular materials are PTFE and HDPE. We manufacture a wide range of products, from gaskets for a candy company’s glass jar lids to plastic guides used during surgery.

Plastic Washers, Gaskets, and Other Parts for the Aerospace and Military Industries

As in the automotive industry, the use of plastic and other non-metallic components in aerospace and military manufacturing is highly desirable, as they are lightweight, durable, and have high tolerance to heat and chemicals.

IG Marston produces and stocks certain military standard (MS) and national aerospace standard (NAS) rubber and plastic washer parts, as well as custom parts upon request. Our aerospace and military clients know that we understand and can produce to the often very specific and stringent requirements.


Plastic Washers, Gaskets, and Other Parts for the Electrical Industry

control for electrical applicationsNon-metallic components produced for the electrical manufacturing industry typically function as insulators. The primary function of these electrical insulating components, sometimes called “shields”, is to prevent arcing. This means they need to be made out of non-conductive materials like PVC, rigid laminate, and rubber. Some applications also require materials that have UL ratings or are UL listed.

IG Marston manufactures electrical insulators such as non-metallic gaskets, seals, and washers for a wide range of manufacturers in the electrical industry.

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