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Why Non-Metallic Washers

15 Reasons to Use Non-Metallic Washers

Non-metallic washers have it all over metal in many applications – and they cost less!

Many companies already appreciate the various advantages of washers made from nylon, fibre, felt, acetal, rubber, cork, sponge and other non-metallic materials. Each has certain characteristics that make it most suitable in particular situations. Read on and you’ll discover why the I.G. Marston Co., Inc. ships millions of washers and various fasteners for the past 150 years.

Wear Resistance

Some of our non-metallic washers outwear metal parts by as much as 20 to 1. Plastics like Nylon, UHMWPE, PTFE and Acetal offer natural lubricity to increase wear resistance and extend the part life of bearings, rollers, gears and seals.

Internal Lubrication

Certain non-metallic washers contain a solid lubricant, making them ideal in installations where external lubrication is difficult or undesirable.

Noise Reduction

Non-metallic washers from IG Marston absorb noise and shock, and reduce chatter and vibration.

Non Abrasive

The non-metallic washers we produce will not gall or scratch mating parts.

Corrosion Resistance

Have you ever seen a nylon or fibre washer rust? Properly selected non-metallic washers aren’t subject to other corrosive environments.

Temperature Resistance

Plastics, ceramics, and composites have been developed which resist both extremely high and extremely low cryogenic temperature ranges with minimal loss of mechanical properties.

Low Surface Friction

A low coefficient of friction in some washer materials makes another smoother, longer lasting operation of almost any product.

Excellent Sealing

Non-metallic washers compress under pressure, so they are ideal as seals under unfavorable environmental conditions.

Insulating Properties

Non-metallic washers are an excellent choice for applications involving electricity or temperature.


To minimize the weight of automobiles, airplanes, and other products, non-metallic washers are a sensible alternative.

Impact Resistance

Materials such as Polycarbonate are used for impact-resistance glazing and shields. Nylon and Polyurethane will absorb impact shock and isolate stress points to protect surrounding components.

Medical and Food Approval

There’s a full range of plastics that have been approved for use in medical applications, ranging from heart pump valves to endoscopic instruments, as well as materials safe for food applications.

Fire Safe

Several plastics are available in fire-safe and fire-retardant grades. These products have reduced the cost of previously necessary fire-suppression systems, and, in some cases, reduced insurance costs in high-liability applications.

High Purity

Plastics have long been crucial in the manufacturing of high-purity fluid and gas handling applications. Many plastics have eliminated the concerns of out-gassing, leaching, and other forms of contamination in crucial high-purity systems.

Lower Cost

This one we all like to hear! Not only do non-metallic washers have all of the above advantages, but they typically cost far less than their metal counterparts.

Given all of the reasons for using non-metallic washers isn’t it worth looking into? If you are already using these items but could use a new source, consider the IG Marston Co. and why we’ve been successful for over 150 years!

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