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Custom Rubber, Plastic, and Non Metallic Washers


IG Marston Co. is an ISO 9001:2000 Non-Metallic stamping company fabricating custom washers from a large list of materials including: Nylon 6/12, 6/6, and MDS, Acetal, Nylatron GS®, Polyethylene in HDPE and LDPE, UHMW, Canvas Phenolic, Linen Phenolic, Mylar®, PTFE, Glass Polyester, Vellumoid®, Vulcanized Fibre, Fishpaper, Kapton®, Klinger®, Nomex®, Duroid®, Epoxy Glass, Viton®, Lexan®, and Garlock®. We can also produce custom washers in a variety of colors and sizes due to our extensive inventory of die sets. Depending on a washers usage and characteristic needs, the materials above are used in high mechanical uses, low coefficients of friction, dielectric properties, resistance to heat or cold, low weight properties, wear resistance needs, insulation or moisture requirements, good impact, abrasion, strength and smoothness uses.

  • All washers are manufactured on a custom order basis.
  • Stock orders can ship same day!
  • Over 4,000 die sets on hand and we include tooling charges in RFQ's of sizes we do not have.
  • I.D.'s available from .025" on up (metric specifications – no problem!)
  • O.D.'s available from .060" on up
  • Standard Tolerances: ID x OD is +/- .010", thickness .005" (unless specified)
  • Special packaging available when requested.

To learn more about custom washers and to get a free sample or request a formal quotation, please complete our online form here.