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Non Metallic Gaskets for Piping Flanges »

Non metallic gaskets for Piping Flanges

Nonmetallic gaskets are normally used in low temperature and pressure applications. Usually composite sheet materials are used with flat face flanges and low pressure class applications. Materials of Construction Gaskets are made of resilient or pliable materials. Metal or nonmetal composites may be incorporated as reinforcement or filler material. Non-metallic gaskets are manufactured non-asbestos material or Compressed Asbestos Fibre …

I. G. Marston Co., Inc.'s Insight
Piping is just one niche in which non-metallic material selection is critical. Whether it's a civil piping or infrastructure project, a medical device in development, or an aerospace application, materials matter for safety, performance, wear, and cost. Not only do we help clients select the best material for a particular project, we can also provide very fast turn-around, particularly in the Greater Boston area and throughout MA. When it comes to non-metallic washers, gaskets, and other components, our experience is unparalleled - we've been at it since 1844. While other washer and gasket companies are larger, we provide excellent attention to detail and customer service to companies of all sizes in a wide variety of industries. Many of our clients are interested in custom or small runs because they are involved in product development or prototyping. Whatever your non-metallic washer or gasket needs, we urge you to contact us before placing your next order. Customer loyalty that spans more than a century is hard to find. Contact I. G. Marston to find out why our customer relationships last so long.
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